Call Center Hotel (CCH), proud of being the first to implement the concept of call center hotel, was founded in 2009 in order to transform location into service in the call center industry.

A platform enabling call center companies to operate without any infrastructure investment,CCH provides service for companies from each and every industry. The CCH team offerboth in-house and outsource services, with an infrastructure capable of launching operations rapidly using our experienced personnel, and thanks to our founders’ 20-year experience in the call center industry.

The purpose of CCH is to transform fixed and long-term investment costs into flexible operating costs. CCH enables call centers to manage their projects and their needs, such as emergency coordination, in the best way possible. This helps our customers stay one step ahead of fierce competition in the marketplace.

The benefits CCH provides to our customers range from deliveringshort-term projects without any infrastructure investment requirement, to testing pilot models to see the results before launching a campaign project. We also performtesting before deploying a new call center or technology, and provide uninterrupted operations for  call centers having issues of interruptions in emergencies.

Thanks to the services CCH provides, the only thing that our customers need to do is to form their teams, so that they can focus on their job with all their ability..

  • Revolution in call center industry, CCH offers organizations all-important benefits with regards to cost, flexibility, technology and price, driven by the hotel concept it has established.
  • CHH provides its partners with state-of-the-art technology solutions ensuring ultimate confidentiality, control opportunities, and reliability thanks to our impartial and independent approach.
  • CCH helps call centers grow and develop with less risk providing them the operational speed and flexibility they require.
  • CCH enables our partners to meet customer demands immediately thanks to our flexible service structure, customizable according to our customer needs.
  • In addition, companies can enjoy the services of CCH without having to make investments in call center infrastructure and fixtures. CCH makes all these investments, providing all the required technical equipment, network, dining hall, sitting and resting areas.
  • Operational requirements and expenses are included in our service fees. CCH maximises the benefits by consolidating the operations of companies with varied fixed expenses.
  • CCH creates tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of companies instead of fixed service kits.

CCH has offices in Kavacık Istanbul and Bornova Izmir where we support all call center requirements. Boasting a total of 2000 seats in these two offices, CCH provides all-encompassing services to companies with our rental service. We include ready-to-use sitting areas, dining hall, terrace, training halls, resting and entertainment areas.

CCH’s offices are located in the central parts of the city with an area of 7500 m2 in total. Central proximity of the offices further reinforces the completeness of CCH services.

  Istanbul – Kavacık

  • 7 floors, 4,500 m2 operational area
  • Cafeteria and recreation area
  • Conference, training and meeting rooms
  • Independent heating and cooling systems
  • Filter electricity meter on each floor

   Izmir Bornova

  • Bornova 2200m2, Konak 2500m2 operational area
  • Flexible deployment allowing growth and shrinkage for different projects via modular seperation divisions
  • Comfortable and practical interior space
  • Training and meeting rooms

Istanbul Kavacık, Izmir Bayraklı and Izmir Bornova

  • 24/7 Building CCTV and Staff
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • Montly elevator maintance
  • Security and tollgate in the entrance, card readers on the floor and department entrances, pass control systems
  • Fire alarm and extinguishing system


  • SIP-based All-in-One Call Center System
  • ACD
  • CTI
  • PBX
  • IVR
  • Recorder
  • Dialer and Realtime Monitoring
  • Reporting system
  • Process Automation Solution
  • Available redundant capacity from 2 separate Türk Telekom power plants
  • Backed-up data from 3 separate UMTH carriers and voice infrastructure

Call Center Hotel Cloud Service

CCH provides you Public Cloud and Private Cloud solutions.

Another innovative service offered by Call Center Hotel is remote access call center, which allow CCH to provide service at customers’ own premises.Companies can perform their operations through Technology Renting service offered by CCH with their own personnel and at their own workplace in a reliable and efficient way.

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